Project Brief

Mr. Adam is a quiz based app that helps you learn what influences people's decisions. Based on Cialdini's influence principles, Mr. Adam is meant to be your guide in learning personal development.


The concept of the app is to be a game that helps the user better understand his decisions on a daily basis. Also the metrics resulted from playing the game give the user a psychologic profile along with his stregths and weaknesses.

The app also tells a story throughout it's design and brand. It gives people the knowledge accumulated from earliest times, from Adam and Eve, the first two people on Earth that were influenced by one another.


identitate brand logo Mr.Adam Bucuresti
identitate brand logo Mr.Adam Bucuresti


The dark yet powerful colors complete the brand as a serious one and balance the app's design to not be tiring for the user's eye.

  • Dark Red

    RGB: #8b253f

  • Plum

    RGB: #3c153b

  • Dark Green

    RGB: #192e3a

  • Creme

    RGB: #f0c987

  • Moon Glow

    RGB: #f4eecb


Intensa Fuente
identitate brand Mr.Adam Bucuresti
Josefin Sans
identitate brand Mr.Adam Bucuresti

Mobile App

identitate brand Mr.Adam Bucuresti

The mobile app is a game designed to take the user in a journey of discovery, knowledge and personal development.

Mr. Adam seeks to be the first point that people use to dive into the realm of social influence and to eventually become your Obi Wan Kenobi when it comes to this subject.

More pictures available soon.

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